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Welcome to Tease, the Movie Trailers fanlisting, currently listed under the Advertising/TV Commercials category at The Fanlistings Network. This fanlisting was adopted from Alyssa. Virve was the original owner of this fanlisting. :)

If you're a fan of movie trailers, please consider joining the growing list of fans from around the world!


This fanlisting was opened on May 09, 2007. There are currently 492 fans listed, with 0 waiting to be added. It was last updated on February 2nd, 2023. Welcome to our newest member(s), Christina!

what is a fanlisting?

"A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are) - they are just a place where you can have your name listed along with other fans of the same subject. TheFanlistings.org is the original (but not only) web directory for fanlistings, dedicated to uniting fans across the globe." (Courtesy of thefanlistings.org)

site updates

» June 13, 2007: The fanlisting has successfully been updated to Enthusiast 3.1! :) Also, affiliates are now run on Enth as well.

» June 4, 2007: My sincerest apologies for taking so long in add the members. It's been a busy month and I haven't had enough time to sit down and add all the members in one go. So I had to do a few each night before bed. Anyhow, finally all the members have been added. Quite a few members e-mails are bouncing back to me, so I am sorry to say that those members have not been added to the fanlisting. Per the rules at TFL.org, members must have a working e-mail. If you find yourself to be one of these members, please join again with a working e-mail.

I will be making a bunch of codes as soon as possible. For now, I have put up the codes made by the previous owner and a few donated one's as well.

» May 9, 2007: The fanlisting is up and ready for new members! :D