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A 12-episode anime adaptation was made by J.C. STAFF, and first aired in Japan from April 2005 to June 2005. The episodes covered approximately volumes 1-4, due to production starting in August 2004 -- about 4 months before volume 5 was published. Because the source material hadn't finished its serialization, and with a limit of 12 episodes, the anime adaptation has quite a few differences. The most notable is the series finale, which was written specifically for the anime and left the storyline open to the possibility of a future sequel.

There are 12 episodes total, and released across 6 DVDs for the R2 (Japanese) market, but only 3 DVDs for the R1 (American) market. Both markets got the entire series, but due to different sorting methods, the R2 (Japanese) DVDs have 2 episodes each, while the R1 (American) DVDs have 4 each. Additionally, the first DVD for the R2 (Japanese) market was sold with a special frame that displayed a photo of Soubi and Ritsuka, but the R1 (American) market DVD did not come with this item.

The DVD's listed here are from the R1 (American) market.

DVD 1: Lost and Found
» Episode 1: BREATHLESS - Breath
» Episode 2: MEMORYLESS - Memory
» Episode 3: BONDLESS - Bond
» Episode 4: FRIENDLESS - Friend

DVD 2: Soul of Chains
» Episode 5: SLEEPLESS - Sleep
» Episode 6: PAINLESS - Pain
» Episode 7: TEARLESS - Tear
» Episode 8: TRUSTLESS - Trust

DVD 3: Hope on the Run
» Episode 9: SKINLESS - Skin
» Episode 10: NAMELESS - Name
» Episode 11: WARLESS - War
» Episode 12: ENDLESS - End