01. Please, when joining, give your name, e-mail address and country.

02. If you own a website, please link this fanlisting. If not, then your website will not be included (but you will).

03. If you own a website, and it contains offensive material (ex. porn, racism, etc), it will not be listed with your information (but you will).

04. If you direct link any of my codes on your website, your website URL will not be listed with your information (but you will). I don't allow direct linking, so please don't do it.

05. When and if listing a website, list your own website. No, you don't own or or If you don't have a website, that is fine. Just don't type in a website that is not yours. It will not be listed. Leave the text box BLANK if you don't own a website.

06. I don't mind names like Super Girl, Lonely Man, Hello Kitty, etc. I DO mind names like fhdfjhefu or XXX. Please be at least a little creative with a name if you don't want to enclose your own. I will take liberties in changing your name if you put something not eligible.

07. All rules are non negotiable and are final.